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Setting up a water account with the City of Trinidad is easy and convenient. Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Call the city's Utility Billing Department at (903) 778-2525 to determine if the address is within the city's service area. There are several water districts and water corporations in the Trinidad area and it is possible that you may need to contact some other entity about water service for your address.

Step 2: Check with City Hall to find out whether or not the house you are setting up your account has been inspected by our Building Inspector.  (Certificate of Occupancy  $75.00)

Step 3: Complete a service agreement form at City Hall.  Water service cannot be connected until the service agreement form is completed.

The minimum deposit for a residential account is $200   plus a non refundable connect fee ($45 inside the city limits and $60 outside the city limits) . Commercial accounts with a meter size larger than 1" need to call the Utility Billing Department to get the correct deposit amount.