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Mission Statement

The Trinidad Municipal Court is dedicated to assisting the public with the Court process on handling class C misdemeanors that have been filed in our court.  We will handle each case in a timely manner with the most efficient and courteous service possible.

Class C Misdemeanors are criminal cases that are handled through a Municipal or Justice of the Peace Court.  Cases handled are mostly traffic related but our court handles non-traffic, City of Trinidad ordinances and juvenile School violations that occur within the Trinidad city limits.  These cases are considered class C because with the conviction of each case there is a fine only (no jail time is assessed upon conviction).

Department Goals

  • To assist the public in a professional manner.
  • To handle each case on an individual bases, fair, and equal basis.
  • To make sure that each case filed in our court is adjudicated in fairly and promptly.
  • To provide courteous service to assist the public.

Each case that is filed in the Trinidad Municipal Court is considered an individual case and is adjudicated in that manner.  Judge Taylor considers each case with the utmost fairness and equality.

Judge Peggy Taylor is appointed by the City Council.